The mission of the Plymouth Whitemarsh High School Writing Center is to support classroom instruction across the content areas, build confident and competent writers and thinkers, enhance communication skills in a collaborative environment, and create a community of learners prepared for success in the 21st century!

Meeting ID: 829 8298 4862
Passcode: writing

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The Writing Center is open:

4th Block (A, B, and C Lunches) & all virtual Bonus Blocks


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The Writing Center is located across the hall from room C37.
Our Zoom link is and the password is "writing"!


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Abigail Slawek

"I am here to help you get over the roadblocks of writing and help you flourish as a writer!"

Caleb Silverman

"I am here to assist you on your paper as well as aid you in becoming a better writer."

Devon Skiles

"Writing doesn't have to be difficult. I'm here to help make the process easier and more enjoyable."

Madison Kuruc

"I want to create an enthusiastic environment where students can academically thrive and learn skills they can apply in all areas. I will help you understand necessary concepts while making the writing process fun!"

Danielle Goldstein

"I want to show you strategies and techniques that will help improve your mindset as a writer going forward while also being a supportive peer."

Alexandra Zolty

"I want to aid you in any step of the writing process and give you new tools you can keep with you forever!"

Lillian Kasmen

"I want to provide strategies that can be used in many writing assignments while making writing enjoyable! I hope to be a peer that each student feels comfortable with. "

Sophie Borislow

"I want to facilitate your writing process and help you expand as a writer in general.The writing process should be enjoyable and I plan to help make that happen!"

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